I’m Ody Hero.

A Web Developer.

I have experience in developing industrial size websites based on the customer's needs.

Designing The Websites You Need.

I'm dedicated to any project, and always have in mind customer and user experience for each and everyone project.

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What Services you will Get from me!

UI/UX Design

Any website I create passes through a User Experience check, where feedback from new users is collected and then adjusted accordingly. This Ensures that most of the users will be satisfied with the website you that need.


Privacy and Security in website developing is paramount, therefore all websites are secured through SSL and GDPR Compliant. Any payments go through Stripe, therefore credit card details go directly to Stripe card processing, keeping your data safe.

Website Design

The website will include Admin Panels and analytics tracking for you to know how well your website/service is operating aswell as any notifications you may need. Customer satisfaction is essential for all of the projects, one of the top priorities.

What Services you will Get from me!

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