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Chain Of Change

Chain of Change is an independent committee of the English School Nicosia, handling all charity efforts and activities within the school community. Our aim is to collectively help a number of Foundations and Charities and in doing so bring about the students in unity, in order to join the fight against poverty.


TEDxEnglishSchoolNicosia aims to evoke young minds to understand the power of exchanging diverse ideas. By creating a space that promotes the inclusion of the variety of perspectives found in our school community, we aim to cultivate a forum where young minds can connect freely. Join us in witnessing the English School community “unravel”!

Le Pont Cy

Victims from Lebanon that were affected from the Beirut Blast, can list down their needs to repair their houses and buildings, and people can donate money or the materials needed themselves

School Books Cy

A true marketplace for book trading. Buying school books each year is a real hustle for parents, as it usually rounds up to 200 euros average. But no more, school books is introducing the idea of selling books of older students to younger ones

Photiades Group Staff Canteen

CanTeens rebuilted from top to bottom, to suit the needs of Photiades Group Canteen for its staff, making it easier for them to order their lunch everyday, including nutritional information and other useful information.

Digital Championship

A coding competition about growing a realistic idea into a website. Renty was awarded with €2.000 for winning first price in its category (K1). Renty's purpose is the general renting of items and appliances

Fight Air Pollution

A platform giving the ability to people to report any air pollution they may sense, such as burning asphalt, burning wires etc. This project's purpose was mostly to support the case of Dali against two toxic factories which polluted the environment and succeeded in its purpose


The Airbnb of appliances. Ciclo's idea was to enable users to rent out appliances from items that they need for specific days. Such as speakers for party or projectors. It also includes donation and recycling centers to help you dispose of any unused items you may have.


Canteens is an idea where students would be able to order food from the school canteen without waiting long lines, ensuring that their orders will be available. The English School Community embraced the idea with excitement.

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