About me

The Sky's The Limit.

I'm passioned about programming and computer science since I was a kid. I have been a member of Hack Cyprus since the age of 10, starting from a Hack Cyprus Youth event.

I have participated at the Hack Cyprus Hackathon 2014 where me and my team represented Take You Take Me (an uber like service) and the 2015’s hackathon where I developed my idea called NoWait! (ordering food from restaurants while in restaurant) with a friend of mine Petros Diomedous.


In 2016 I started running the technology club of The English School after school hours with a senior student and with Petros Diomedous and Andreas Fatta. Teaching our students the basics of programming.

I’m also in the radio club council of The English School and got my amateur radio licence in 2016. Our Radio Club was honoured to establish for the first time, communication between the radio club members and a crew member from the International Space Station allowing us to question astronauts. This was the first time that Cyprus contacted the International Space Station orbiting around the earth on 17,130 mph, where I got interviewed live in the news by Alpha a TV channel in Cyprus.



I have also interned at Trophies (a US-registered startup focused on video games trading) 2016 and got an internship at Tabs and Spaces (a creative agency in Cyprus) that develops and maintains technology platform for some of the industry leaders in the country.

I have gained most of my technical knowledge over the many summers that have passed, and because of my commitment in learning through my own means, you could call me a self-taught programmer and I am proud of the many skills I have obtained over the years, learning from online courses, specializing in mobile apps development on Swift and backend on PHP.


In 2019 I had also taken an internship at Cocoon Creations, an app developing agency in Cyprus, to expand my programming skills more.

In 2018 I have also participated as the CTO of a new Junior Achievement team Eco-Hang producing hangers from recycle paper. My job was to develop and manage my team’s website and update our blog section. I have created the Eco-Hang app for both Android and iOS users to make the customer's orders easier through their phones. I also have designed the logo and the hanger's mould using CAD, developing new designs and sizes for our hangers. Our team ranked among the top 10 and was awarded the best communication strategy award.



I've developed Canteens.me, a website and an app where students could order food from the school canteen during the breaks, shortening the long waiting lines at the canteen, by ordering smarter. I've formed Canteens Limited Liability Company with Yiangos Kleopas and Andreas Fatta, in the state of Delware, USA. And entered the Junior Achievement competition for the second time, ending at the second place nationwide in Cyprus


In 2019-2020 I joined Ciclo Junior Achievement and came up with the idea of renting out appliances for short periods of time, such as speakers for parties or furniture and other appliances. Furthermore we joined some other ideas such as showing donating and recycling centers to help people dispose unwanted items. Frankly quarantine gave me the time I needed to develop Ciclo.com.cy


The Presidential Bro Fist.

The Junior Achievement awarded us wth 3rd prize nationwide, but gave us an even better award. A meeting with Mr. Nikos Anastassiades. The Meeting took place at the Presidential Palace, on 14-09-2020. We pitched our idea to the president. He was really font of our concept and ideology, and we received the Presidential Bro Fist.


If Not Now, When? Let’s Work Together!

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