During the summer of 2019, I came up with the idea of Canteens, an idea where students would be able to order food from the school canteen without waiting long lines, ensuring that their orders will be available.

I took this idea to the Angelhack 48-hr hackathon competition where I and Yiangos kleopas developed the idea. We came up in a first place with another team, and we were called the runner-ups. We got the same award as the others who got the first place as well. The award was to participate in a 2-month business accelerator, where they would help us build our startup, and at the end pick the top 10 teams and allow them to pitch their idea to investors in Silicon Valley. Following that, I've formed with my team the company Canteens LLC, registered in the state of Delaware, county of Sussex, United States.

Moreover, we did not get the chance to go to Silicon Valley. Nonetheless, I formed a team of 3 people, joining the Junior Achievement competition, we were honoured that we were given support by Cyta, having Mr Stephanos Stephanou, head of online as our mentor.

We introduced Canteens in both web and app form to The English School, we were overwhelmed by the school's community support, having the guide of hundreds of the students, trying to ease and help us. The app was running smoothly reaching over 300 orders in total.

As time progressed, the school made a new better canteen building during March, allowing more students to be served faster. Therefore that started to mark the downslide of this project, as it wasn't needed.

The Junior Achievement competition was still on, and we gave all our efforts in the project. So we qualified in the top 10 teams, reaching to the finals, the support of The English School on our backs and managed to achieve 2nd place in Cyprus.

Here are some articles about us: